Specialized Whitetail Deer Management Programs

An Effective and Viable Approach to Deer Control for Your Property

Few people living in Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Philadelphia and Delaware counties would disagree that deer pose a significant financial burden and safety hazard. Concerned citizens however, have great difficulty reaching a consensus on a solution to the deer overpopulation problem. Nonlethal methods of deer control include: trap and transfer, contraceptives and sterilization. These deer management methods are labor intensive and costly, typically ranging from $1,000-$2,000/deer. Lethal methods include: Trap and dispatch, sharpshooting and hunting. Trap and dispatch can cost as much as $1000/deer. Sharpshooting is an effective method when implemented over a large land mass like a municipality, but is likely to cost $250-$500/deer. Hunting is generally free and can be effective, but few landowners will allow gun hunting or have the time to manage hunters to maximize deer removal.

Over the last several decades many landowners, land managers, townships and businesses have turned to Whitetail Associates and our highly managed bowhunting approach to deer management. When bowhunters are screened for safety, experience, proficiency and cooperation... and are intensely managed to adhere to landowner needs, restrictions and deer population control, the results are excellent. Each deer management plan is tailored to the specific requirements and goals of the landowner. There is no fee to landowners for this service.

Providing Whitetail Deer Management in Southeastern Pennsylvania Since 1990