About Whitetail Associates

About Whitetail Associates

Whitetail Associates is a deer management organization specifically formed in 1990 to manage urban and suburban whitetail populations through bowhunting (as a service to the community).  Our system includes intense communication with, and education of property owners, town officials, police and the community at large.

Our members are carefully screened for the highest standards in bowhunting proficiency, knowledge, safety and responsibility.  All members must pass a proficiency test are required to complete a 12 hour bowhunter education class for certification. Each of our members has several years of bowhunting and deer management experience.

All our members are required to abide by a strict set of rules specifically designed for maximum safety and deer management program.

We are also very proud of our community service record. Each year we donate more than one ton of venison to charities like the Salvation Army. Several years ago we collected tick and blood samples from the deer we harvested for Lyme disease research by the Fox Chase Cancer Center. 

Whitetail Associates can provide more than 100 references from residents and organizations in suburban areas of Delaware, Chester, Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties who are pleased with the professionalism and results of our deer control plans.

Our Commitment

Whitetail Associates is committed to conducting our deer management programs with the ultimate respect and commitment to excellence in the following areas:

  • Integrity, Safety and Confidence
  • Practice and Ongoing Education
  • Respect of the Non-Hunting Public & Sensitive Environments
  • Serving the Community and Public Interest
  • Strict Code of Ethics
  • Sensitivity and Discretion Training
  • Communication and Full-Disclosure with Police, Landowners, Public and Township Officials
  • Comprehensive Liability Insurance Policy Provided as part of every program

Contact us today and one of our representatives can come and assess your property and come up with a program to fit your needs.